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Adventure Power 800 Watt 120VAC Portable Power System Adventure Power 800 Watt 120VAC Portable Power System
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Fridgidaire 220V FPEA25GEEWD Dehumidifier plus Berkey Light Water Purifier International Water Solution
Fenix LD Series Special Edition flashlight- 120 Lumens LD12BK
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Mantis Knives Jyro MU-5
Mantis Knives Jyro MU-5
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Mantis Knives Chaos II MF-4CM
Mantis Knives Chaos II MF-4CM
Price: $96.00
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Fenix LD Series flashlight 190 Lumens- Black LD22
Fenix LD Series flashlight 190 Lumens- Black LD22
Price: $59.95
SOG PowerDuo - Black PD02-N
SOG PowerDuo - Black PD02-N
Price: $82.50
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Mantis Knives Classiest Act MT2-TI
Mantis Knives Classiest Act MT2-TI
Price: $128.00
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Mantis Knives Z'mora MT-8R
Mantis Knives Z'mora MT-8R
Price: $124.00
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SOG Trident - Digi Camo TF-10
SOG Trident - Digi Camo TF-10
Price: $113.80
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SOG Flash II - Black TiNi TFSA-98
SOG Flash II - Black TiNi TFSA-98
Price: $77.28
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SOG PowerAssist - Leather Sheath S66-L
SOG PowerAssist - Leather Sheath S66-L
Price: $109.72
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SOG Access Card 2.0 - Tactical Black SOGAC77
SOG Access Card 2.0 - Tactical Black SOGAC77
Price: $98.80
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Mantis Knives Kuntiza - Bead Blast MT-5B
Mantis Knives Kuntiza - Bead Blast MT-5B
Price: $180.00
Discount today:: $117.00 On Sale
SOG Team Leader TL-03
SOG Team Leader TL-03
Price: $91.98
Discount today:: $62.09 On Sale

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INTO THE WILDERNESS is a one-stop shop for all your outdoor needs, including offgrid living supplies, disaster and survival preparedness, off-grid power, and more. Find camping gear, hiking gear, hunting gear, solar products, backpacks, flashlights, lanterns, tents, survival kits, long term survival food, hand-crank and non-electric appliances, generators, eco-friendly home supplies, water filters, thousands of survival knives and multi-tools, and the best prices on name brand outdoor gear.

Everything you need to live comfortably offgrid or just enjoy the outdoors!

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Off-Grid for a Lifetime

or Just a Day


Jo Hannah AftonWhen most people think of off-grid living, they think of fringe hippies, living in some remote desert, with an earth ship house, solar panels, and dirty hair. I know that's what I thought of when I first started researching off-grid living. But things have changed quite a bit since the off-grid movement first began, and now, more than ever, getting unplugged, getting outside and living more consciously and intentionally, is a choice that mainstream Americans are making every day.

Even the word "off-grid" has changed. I don't know what it means to you, but when I think about "getting off the grid," I think of more than just throwing up some solar panels. I think about all the ways that I can remove myself from environmental destruction, toxic chemicals in my food, cancer-causing agents in my health practices, and yes, throwing up some solar panels while I'm at it. Because getting off the grid means more than just the power grid. It means getting off our dependence on consumption of oil and oil based products. It means being more self sufficient in the way that we conduct our everyday business, everything from food, medicine, banking, energy, waste disposal and water.

And, there are many stages of dependence and even more ways to creatively solve HOW a person chooses to unplug, to dis-engage, and to create self reliance. For most of us, just getting outside for a few hours for a hike, or perhaps getting the family out of town and into the mountains for a camping trip, or spending a week with buddies hunting, is not just a luxury anymore. It's a necessity. Our lives have become so filled with electronic distractions, over stimulation, and the stress of modern living, that we absolutely MUST reconnect with nature in some way just to unwind, and feel sane.

However, I have found that most people who take the time to get off-grid even for a few hours, quickly find themselves addicted to the experience of being "off the grid" and settled down. I know for me, the more I'm outside, the more I want to be outside. And this has led me to my own off-grid journey. My goal: to be completely self sufficient, to live on my own little piece of heaven, where my food is grown outside my kitchen window and my hands smell of earth and hard work. I want to know that the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the energy I consume, and the water I drink are sacred and renewable. I want off this crazy toxic merry-go-round that is consuming more than our natural resources: it's consuming my spirit along with it! This website, and my life, are both an attempt to take my pioneering spirit back.

I hope you will join me in creating your own off grid moments, whether you are hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, gardening, playing or building.

So Let's Go Off-Grid or Take a Hike!

~~ Jo Hannah

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