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Flojak 100 Foot Hand Well Pump Kit

Product ID Code: FLOJAK100
Flojak 100 Foot Hand Well Pump Kit
Flojak 100 Foot Hand Well Pump Kit
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Flojak 100 Foot Hand Well Pump Kit

The FloJak F-100 is a completely self contained 100-foot, hand operated well-pump kit-in-a-box. This model is designed for static water levels of 80-90 feet or less. The narrow profile design assembles in 30-40 minutes, and drops into almost any standard well.

The FloJak F-100 is a completely self contained 100-foot, hand operated well-pump kit-in-a-box, designed for static water levels of 80-90 feet or less. The design is a narrow profile...about 2", so that it can drop into almost any 4 inch or larger well casing by itself, or right beside the existing submersable pump. The pump is secured to the top rim of the well casing with a heavy duty steel hanger bracket that clamps onto the casing, or a well-seal for more permanent applications. This bracket is versatile and may also be hung over a 2 x 4, or bolted to a post or wall for creek, lake or other non-traditional applications.

The open well casing may be covered with our canvas well bonnet (included) to help keep things out of the well, or you may opt for a more permanent solution such as a well seal with a hole for 1.24 schedule 40 PVC, or a wooden cap that sits under the bracket. This system uses custom made, high resin, PVC pipe in 5 foot lengths so that the shipping carton is small and transportable in your car, and so that the pump can be assembled to the ideal length, within 5 feet. Take a look at the video showing how FloJak is engineered to assemble in 30-40 minutes.

At a minimum, you will need a pump kit long enough to drop 20 feet below the static water level in your well. We recommend that you go as deep as possible however to protect against dTo see more on this, watch a short video tour of FloJak. If you need more depth to reach static, or if you want to go well beyond static to create available water reserves in the well, you may order additional pipe kits (E-50) which come with everything needed to extend your FloJak by 50 feet at a time.

While the F-100 is a 100 foot kit, it may be easily assembled to any length you desire, longer or shorter, and is warranted to lift water 150 feet from static water level. The longer you make it, the more help you will need for installation. Any system producing over 40 feet of lift (above or below the ground) will need an accessory lever arm pump handle like the MiniJak, to reduce the work required to pump.

Every "below the water level" component is made from stainless steel or food grade polymers. The shelf life is 25 years, and FloJak comes with a 2 year warranty.

FloJak can deliver 7-10 GPM (gallons per minute), and is capable of lifting water 150 feet. You may pump right into a storage or carrying container, uphill through a hose or pipe, or even pump pressurized water into your home through the existing well plumbing or a high pressure water hose (GatorHyde WH-50) connected to any two-way outdoor faucet. This is a convenience that can provide water at the sink, tub or for flushing!



FloJak is easy to operate. Raise the handle to a comfortable height, and pump up and down. We designed the pressure stroke (that lifts water from your well) as the "down-stroke." This makes the pumping much easier by using your body weight to push down.The down-force required to lift water 100 feet is just over 40 lbs.

The threaded side of the tee-handle is where water will exit when pumping. The threads are for standard hose ends. You may attach a water hose, a filler hose, or, in a pinch, use the hose from the back of your washing machine. In freezing conditions, you cannot leave the FloJak attached to a water hose.

The pump comes equipped with a ball valve. This allows you to maintain a "prime" in the hose if you are pumping uphill. This feature can only be used in warmer weather. When the ball valve is open, the pump system is designed to bleed down, dropping the water in the pump handle to a safe level below the frost line inside your well. In warmer conditions, your pump may be attached to a hose for:

1) Pumping through an outdoor faucet directly into your household plumbing system

2) Pumping up-hill to a location for storage or use

3) Pumping distances to water animals or a garden

The FloJak is capable of producing substantial pressure. If connected to a hose and spray nozzle, you can spray distances with enough force to water the garden or wash a the car. Otherwise, if you plan to carry water in smaller containers, consider using a FloJak 6 foot food-grade filler hose available from your distributor or www.flojak.com. These products are designed for use with drinking water.

You may leave the filler hose attached to your FloJak. Our filler hose comes with a threaded end. Use a drinking bottle cap to keep debris and hose dwelling critters out. When finished pumping, always lower the FloJak handle to avoid breakage. A raised handle is an invitation to friends, neighbors, and the kids to have a go at your FloJak. The handle is designed to spin so that you can pump as you face any direction.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q-Will FloJak fit in my well without removing the submersible pump?

A-If your well casing is 4" or larger, most of the time FloJak will fit fine. If you so have a smaller casing, like the 4"...sometimes it is too tight with the submersible in place. Anything smaller than 4' ID casing and you will have to pull the electric pump. The major diameter of the FloJak down-pipe is 2" so there has to be room for that. In very small casings...like 2"...sometimes the opening is slightly larger than the FloJak, so it can work in many cases. Checking clearance is easy and is your responsibility.


Q-What is the fitting I see on the casing about 4-8 feet down into my well?

A-That is called a Pittless Adapter. It is no more than a glorified 90 degree elbow installed below the frost-line. It redirects the water coming up from your submersable pump, out throught the side wall of the casing (through a trench so it can feet your household plumbing. 


Q-What information do I need to know before selecting my FloJak?

A-Assuming you have a large enough well casing...If you will gather two pieces of information, you should be set. (1) Well depth, and (2) Depth to "static water level." The static water level is the distance from the ground down to the actual water level in your well. Total depth and static levels are two different things, and may be recorded by your well driller, but static sometimes changes or is recorded wrong. You can easily find out this info for yourself by lowering a weighted string (maybe use a washer or a nut...noooo...not cousin Willy) into your well. Listen for the splash. That?s your static level. Tie a knot and then lower it on down to the bottom. Tie another knot. Pull it up and measure the distance to static water level and the bottom of the well. Only takes a few minutes.


Q-Does my Static water level always stay the same?

A-No it doesn't in most cases. Over time it can drop. And it probably fluctuates from wet to dry season. This is why we always recommend that you assemble your FloJak so that it extends 10-20 feet below the static water level.


Q-Which FloJak length do I need?

A-FloJak Kits come in three different lengths. There are 50 foot kits (for static water level of 30-40 feet or less, 100 foot kits (for static water level of 80-90 feet or less) and 150 foot kits for static water level of 130-140 feet or less. You may also purchase 50 foot extension kits. The objective is to assemble your pump the "ideal length" of 10-20 feet below static, and 10 feet or more above the bottom of your well. Anywhere in between is fine. The less your flow rate in the well...the deeper below static you should go. When your pump is deeper than static, this is good because it creates a reservoir for your use.


Q-How much water is in my well?

A- If you have a 6 inch casing, there is about 1.5 gallons of water per foot. An 8 inch casing holds 2.6 gallons per foot...or 260 gallons per 100 feet of casing.


Q-Do I need the PVC or Stainless Steel Version?

A-PVC is a lower cost option an is used more for emergency backup, and is best suited for warmer climates. The Stainless Steel "PLUS" series is also a great value, but it is more expensive. If you are in cold climates, and think you want to leave your FloJak installed for extended periods, or if are concerned about misuse, vandalism or animals...then Stainless might be the better option.


Q-Are there more permanent options than the Well Bonnet for covering my well opening?

A-Yes there are. You can make a cap out of plywood if you are handy. Or many people install FloJak using a "Well-Seal." A well-seal is a cap which is made for well casings. It has a hole for FloJak and goes onto the outer pipe of the top 5 foot handle-section, under the handing bracket. It must be attached as FloJak is being assembled. Once FloJak is inserted into the well, your well-seal drops into place and is tightened up, securing itself the inside of the well casing and the FloJak pipe simultaneously. At this point we don't supply well-seals but we may in the future. They are available in your size at Home Depot or any well supply store, for under $40.


Q-Are some wells too deep?

A-Actually the answer is no. FloJak is warranted to lift water 150 vertically. But lifting begins at the static water level. So in theory, you could have a 500 foot long FloJak in a 700 foot well, with a static level of 100 feet. When you pump the water is coming from 500 feet below where the foot-valve inlet is located, but there is only 100 feet of actual "lift." So its all about the static water level.


Q-Can I pump water into my home through a faucet or other inlet?

A-You sure can. This is one of the unique features of FloJak. Use a high pressure hose like our 200 psi GatorHyde hoses to pump water into your household plumbing. To develop useful pressures, you will need the assistance of a lever handle such as the MiniJak or PowerJak accessories for your pump. You will have to create enough pressure to pressurize the water in your big (blue I'll bet) bladder tank. This will provide water directly to your sink or the bathroom for flushing...without the chore of handling heavy water containers. (Make sure you have no water pressure in your home system when you start pumpin'. If you do it will launch your FloJak handle about 1/4 mile into the air...don't believe me...just ask Willy). It is technically possible to pump enough water into the home plumbing to take a shower, flush toilets and wash dishes simultaneously. It is not possible for you to take a shower, flush, do the dishes and pump all by yourself. Family is good! 


Q-Do I need a PowerJak or MiniJak Handle?

A-These handles produce leverage so that the work of pumping may be greatly reduced. The volume of water per minute will drop as a trade off for easier pumping, but you can still produce several gallons per minute depending on water depth, your stroke length and pumping speed. The PowerJak is a 36', double grip system that is good for any depth, but is a "must-have" for static levels over 70 feet. The MiniJak is a 24" single grip design for shallower static levels to about 40 feet. These accessories bolt up to the FloJak hanging bracket in 3-4 minutes and are essential when pumping water into your household plumbing system.


Q-Is FloJak produced from safe materials, suitable for pumping drinking water?

A-You bet. All of the pump components are NSF certified, or are consistent with NSF standards for food grade materials. This includes the piping and the actual internal pumping mechanisms. This of course does not make the pump itself edible...even in emergencies!


Q-What is the shelf life of my FloJak?

A-Indefinite. It will outlast us all! We manufacture the FloJak using medical grade stainless steel and the finest high-impact polymers available. These will not degrade over time (as we do). If you have a need to pump water 25 years from now, your FloJak will come out of the box as though it were new...assuming of course, that you remember why you bought it.


Q-Is every unit tested from the factory?

A-Yes. Not only do we inspect and water-test every unit at the time of production in our US facilities, we also life-cycle test the design for wear and durability. Your FloJak design has been certified in our test lab, and is capable of more than 100,000 cycles (200,000 strokes), pumping over 10 gallons per minute, at 130 PSI (or 300 feet of lift), with less than 5% wear on the Viton pressure rings, and no perceptible reduction in pumping performance. Sounds made-up, but it ain't.  


Q-May I call for questions or assistance?

A-Yes you can. Anytime we are open, you can reach our helpful customer care agents toll-free at 855-4FLOJAK! Thats 855-435-6525. We can get you through just about anything except a family squabble. M-F, 8:30 to 4:30 PM Central. 


Q-How long does it take to assemble FloJak?

A-Depending on the depth of your kit, your FloJak takes  20 to 60 minutes to assemble...after about 10 minutes reading the instructions. Installation into the well is about the same or less. It all depends on your degree of skill and preparation. An experienced installer can do it in about half that time. It would take cousin Willy about a month. 


Q-Is FloJak made in the USA?

A-Absolutely. If we can buy it here we do. Not only is FloJak made in America, but it is designed, tested and made BY actual Americans. We are patriots, and we believe in the free enterprise system. We love to sell more, so we can hire more folks in our community!

Q-Can it be installed by one person?

A-Yes it is possible...particularly the 50 foot system. Longer systems could be too with some ingenuity, but it is easier, safer and more fun with more people...one to lift the arc, one to guide and lower into the well, one to handle the top section...and cousin Willy to bring up the rear (whatever that means!). Five helps but is not as fun. You will end up with one to lift, one to guide, and two or three to bark orders. As a rule of thumb, FloJak weighs about 40 pounds per 50 feet. Once it hits the water, the submerged part of the pump becomes weight-neutral.


Q-What if I don't have a well?

A-Ahhh...not sure why you are reading these FAQ's. If you don't have a well, I recon you could drill one, or even better, remember that there are 15 million active and unused wells all over the country...2,000 new ones are drilled each day. Part of your preparation will be to locate 2 or 3 nearby, and get permission to use them in advance. Most well owners would be delighted to know that they could have access to good drinking water in the event of an emergency. It's a good time to make friends with a neighbor! OK, you will not believe this, but we actually had an email from the site asking if FloJak comes with a well. Folks...we are in trouble!


Q-Is well water always pure?

A-No. Neither is the water from some municipalities! It is probably your best option though. Well water is filtered naturally by the earth, and is more likely to be good than many other sources. It's always a good idea to test the water in advance. Or give cousin Willy a drink and see what happens. We recommend that you have filtration solutions at the ready just in case. In the event of a chemical spill, flood or nuclear/biological attack, well water might be the absolute best source for useable drinking water. You can also purify your well with a little household bleach the day you install your FloJak. This will kill bacteria in the well and in your pump. Use a little bleach in Cousin Willy?s laundry and you might discover that his brown turtleneck is actually a tee shirt. Yikes!


Q-How deep will the FloJak pump?

A-FloJak is a pressure pump and is tested at 300 feet and rated and warranted for lifting water 150 feet vertically from the static water level. So if your static water level is 80 feet, FloJak will pump water vertically an additional 70 feet. If you are also pumping uphill or over the ground for a distance, the water friction through the line will use up part of the total lifting ability. The higher you lift the water, the more force is required to pump. If you want to reduce the effort required, purchase the PowerJak or MiniJak lift-assist lever handle kit. These are excellent low-cost accessories that make work a little easier on the body. They bolt right up to the pump hanging bracket.


Q-Will it freeze up in the winter?

A-If you are careful to remove the water hose and open all valves so that the pump handle can drain, the water in your pump handle will drop down below the weep hole which is at about 50 inches from the top. An additional 1/16 inch weep hole may be drilled further down the inner 3/4 inch pipe to accommodate extreme cold conditions. Always keep the water moving!  When cousin Willy asks you to help him put his pump together, you may adopt the phrase..."sure, when FloJak freezes over!"  


Q-Can FloJak pump water up a hill or into an elevated tank?

A-Yes. The pump will lift water 100 feet vertically from the static water level. However, pumping long distances introduces additional pressure and will impact upon the amount of available lift. Take a look at the PowerJak accessory. It is a lift assist handle that reduces the effort required to pump.


Q-How many gallons per minute (GPM) will FloJak provide?

A-That depends on how fast you can pump. 7-10 gallons per minute from 50 feet down is a mild work-out for one of your older children. Not that you would expect them to pump for you of course. Using a lever handle will reduce the output while also reducing the work required.


Q-What is the warranty?

 A-Two years from the date of purchase, on all parts and workmanship, for lift up to 150 feet. This does not cover the quality of your glue joints of course. You can warranty that part. We will either provide parts, replace or repair your FloJak (at the discretion of the company). You will have to be responsible for freight charges on returned components. We will pay the expense to ship them back. Freeze protection and care during installation are the responsibility of the user.


Q-Will FloJak pump horizontally from a creek?

 A-Yes if you can set up 5 feet of vertical pump over the water source. The mounting bracket is designed to be versatile and can be side mounted like a flange or hooked over railing or a 2 x 4 board. Your FloJak pump must be vertical to work, not unlike humans. Buy a section or two of GatorHyde hose to pump through. Its rated to 200 PSI.


Q-Will FloJak pump dirty water from a pond?

A-what kind of question is that? The answer is actually "Yes", and there may be times when you simply have to do it. If the dirty water is soft matter like algae or organic matter, it will have minimal impact to the pump although it might build up and restrict the flow. Sand and grit are abrasives and will wear almost any sealed surface. You may find it necessary to pump in that environment too. That is what FloJak is for. Some folks opt to cover the foot valve strainer with a sock. (we don't know why...but they do. Perhaps it works as a filter. But most socks are not food grade!). Even with reduced life the FloJak is probably still a cost effective solution. However, as is understandable, we cannot warranty your FloJak under those conditions. Neither would you!


Q-Is the PVC used on FloJak "off the shelf?" 

A-No it isn't. It is the same dimensionally, but is a special product produced especially for FloJak. The composition is much more resin rich, making the material more suitable for the application. Do not mix it with off-the-shelf PVC. Doing so is risky and will also void the factory warranty.


Q-Can FloJak be connected to a windmill or solar power?

A-Yes! The "PLUS" series has a welded mounting bracket on the stainless steel pumping handle section. The pumping stroke works fine at two inches...but will also range to over 3 feet. For windmill applications it is important, with any pump, that you have a safety device that does not damage the pump in high winds. FloJak can pump while the handle is spinning with the wind direction.


Q-Will FloJak pump water from a cistern or a hand dug well?

A-Sure will. Just assemble it to the right length and figure out how to mount the bracket. It is a very versatile design with lots of uses. You can even hook up an air hose and pump up a tire...no kidding!

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