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The Kimberly Stove: EPA Certified Wood Stove and Generator

Product ID Code: KS-KIMBERLY
The Kimberly Stove: EPA Certified Wood Stove and Generator
The Kimberly Stove: EPA Certified Wood Stove and Generator
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Available by special order only. Please contact us for availability: johannah@into-the-wilderness.com
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The Kimberly Stove EPA Certified Small Wood Stove and (optional) Generator

by Unforgettable Fire, LLC

The Kimberly free standing, solid fuel burning stove combines distinctive, sleek stainless steel with traditionally-inspired aesthetics creating a high-tech heating solution for your small space. These highly efficient stoves were originally designed to make a cold, wet boat cabin warm and cozy. Small wood stoves are quickly becoming more and more popular as innovation and design meet to satisfy the demands of a more mobile society. Small wood stoves are the perfect solution for tight spaces, and the Kimberly looks great in any environment.

The Kimberly EPA Certified Stove is a Small Wood Stove with a Big Personality!

A super small wood stove, perfect for homes, RVs, Campers, Boats and other dwellings with up to 1,500 square feet of living space, the Kimberly Stove delivers 40,000 BTUs of heating power! Use traditional firewood, pressed wood logs, charcoal, coal, and wood pellets in the Kimberly and enjoy a long lasting fire with maximum efficiency.

This new American made small space wood fired cook stove is designed to be an off grid energy source like no other. The first thing one should notice is its size and construction. Made completely of stainless steel this 25 inch tall cylinder shaped stove with its 10 inch diameter, weighing only 56 pounds, looks and feels like the quality expected of good old fashioned American engineering. The next thing one might take notice of is the lack of visible smoke being emitted from the 3 inch chimney, and the minimalist appetite for fuel. This stove was originally designed in response to some specific and unusual needs of life on board a small boat. It had to provide a warm and dry night's sleep (8 hour burn time without the condensation associated with propane), a place to cook and bake, and had to fit into a 16 inch wide by 21 inch deep foot print. It also had to burn clean enough to be acceptable in tight quarters such as a marina where a smoky stove would elicit serious complaints from neighbors close by.

The Kimberly Wood Stove is the perfect Off the Grid solution. Small, super-efficient, eco-friendly, beautifully designed and even portable! The secondary combustion chamber, or "gasifier", burns the fumes before it ever reaches your home or the air outside, making it a leader in the environmentally-friendly wood stove arena worldwide.

You simply will not find another wood stove as beautiful or eco-friendly as the Kimberly. In the world of offgrid home heating, the Kimberly Wood Stove shines!

BUT WAIT, there's more! The Kimberly is more than a wood stove, it's a WOOD STOVE GENERATOR! It heats. It Cooks. It charges your laptop (or your hot air blower)!

The Kimberly Stove succeeded in doing all of these things, and more. Now this wood and cook stove also has the ability to produce electricity utilizing thermo electric generators to produce enough power to charge cell phones, operate lap tops, and lighting as well as keep a bank of batteries charged much like a solar panel system does.

Air Cooled Thermo Electric Generator: The Kimberly is designed to work with the air cooled thermo-electric generator, which sits on top of Kimberly, and produces 20 watts of heat-generated electricity (2.74 amps - 14.7 volts).

COMING SOON: Hot water heating system (copper coils) to integrate with the Kimberly for off grid hot water, and radiant floor heat. Also available soon, an attachment oven for frontier style baking! Check back often or give us a call about these soon to be released add-on features.

We also believe that it is important to know that this stove, which will never be outsourced to a foreign manufacturer, is not built with a life expectancy in mind. We feel that a huge part of being green includes building products which will outlive their owners while providing local jobs and caring for the environment simultaneously, this is what we call full circle manufacturing. Creating a long-lasting product that is built with little waste and bio friendly processes, which cares for Mother Earth in all ways possible, is our goal.

Kimberly Wood Stove Features:

  • 42,500 BTU/hour
  • Capable of heating up to 1500 square feet
  • Burns up to 8 hours on a load of fuel
  • EPA/CSA Certified & UL-Listed
  • Easy install that saves you money
  • American-made stainless steel



The Kimberly stove has a footprint of just over two square feet, making it perfect for small houses, boats and RVs.


Cheap, dry, mobile heat. A lightweight, low profile wood stove designed to stay securely in place as you travel down life's bumpy road.


Industry standard five year warranty. Made from quality materials in the U.S.A. in order to last a lifetime.


AN INNOVATION before it's Time! The Thermal Electric Generator for the Kimberly stove is now in stock!  Your Kimberly can now charge a battery bank, or directly power DC appliances. The unit is 5 inches wide, 13 inches long, and 4.5 inches tall. It has a max power output of 20 watts, 14.7 volts, 2.7 amps. The max handling temperature is 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Now your Kimberly Stove can keep your warm, and keep the lights on! 


The Kimberly Woodstove is so efficient, testing shows it has a particulate emission rate of 3.2 grams per hour. That's under half the EPA standard! This means using less wood to make less emissions and more heat. That's good for Kimberly owners, and good for the planet.

SPECIFICATIONS (Approximate, not exact)

  • Height: 25.5 -inches
  • Diameter: 10-inches
  • Front Door Size: 4-inches x 9-inches
  • Weight: 56-pounds
  • Maximum Heat Output: 42,200 BTUs/hour
  • Size of Heated Area: up to 1500 square feet well of well insulated space
  • Firebox Capacity: .2 cubic feet
  • Firebox Size: 6-inches x 11-inches
  • Maximum Log Length: 10-inches
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 4-inches
  • Flue Exit: Back exit only
  • Provisions For Outside Air Intake Kit: Bottom of base or rear of base
  • Estimated Efficiency: 88%
  • Front of Stove to Combustibles 18 inches
  • Top of Stove to Ceiling 30 inches
  • Minimum flue height 60 inches.
  • 3 inch Flue Pipe
  • 10 inch Stove Diameter
  • Reflector Panel. This should be attached to a combustible wall with 1 inch spacers to give an "air space" between the reflector wall and the combustible behind it.
  • Combustible Wall
  • Side of Stove to Combustibles 4 inches
  • Flue Pipe to Combustibles 3 inches
  • Rear Wall to Combustibles 8 inches



Unforgettable Fire LLC specializes in providing high-efficiency, offgrid wood stoves: RV Wood Stoves * Small Wood Stoves * Small, Efficient, Portable * EPA Certified * Boat Stoves * EPA Stoves * Offgrid Stoves for Yurts, Motorhomes, Campers, Hunting cabins, and more!

Country of Origin Made in the USA
Quantity In Stock: Contact us for availability.
Condition: New
Shopping Category:
Home & Garden > Fireplaces & Wood Stoves
Manufacturer's Warranty:
Five Year Warranty
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